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—  "volunteering first since 1861" —

- Civil Sass Hops

Let us join forces and create something rebellious. Any kettle needing a bitter brew, our 'Hopstory' wants you!

Yard Demographics
A inimitable Southeast Minnesota terrior grows here and must be discerned. 

1 Acre & growing. 

Available Varieties | General Brewing Values
Cascade | Alpha Acid 5.5-9%; Beta Acid 6-7.5%

Centennial | Alpha Acid 7-12%; Beta Acid 3.5-5.5%

Cashmere | Alpha Acid 7.7-9.1%; Beta Acid 6.4-7.1%

Triple Pearl | Alpha Acid 10.3-11.2%; Beta Acid 3.3-4.2%

Williamette | Alpha Acid 4.5-6.5%; Beta Acid 3-4.5%

All brewers, we look forward to our second harvest in 2018. Give us your needs or thoughts.